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Klaus Welp is a Helsinki based visual artist with Finnish and German nationalities. He has studied at the Aalto University Helsinki, at the University of Veracruz Faculty of Plastic Arts Xalapa, Mexico and at the Berlin University of the Arts.

When living for four years in Mexico he founded the cultural gallery and bar ”Tabu” and produced exhibitions, dance-, theatre- and live-music performances. After his stay in Mexico he was involved in trading vintage design and motorcycles and made a comeback to visual arts. Welp worked for eight years as art director and photographer for the magazine ”Voima”. During that period he also lead the parody advertisement collective ”Adbusters Finland”, publishing monthly subverts in the Voima-magazine and in the web. The project culminated in the book and exhibition ”Louserit Vuittuun” and was also awarded with the Salli Journalism Award.

Welp has teached at the Aalto University (Departments of Graphic Design and Photography) and the University of Tampere (Department of Journalism and Mass Communication) as well as at the University of Applied Sciences in Kauniainen. He has contributed to all major Finnish newspapers and magazines, and has designed over 80 stamps for the national postal service in Finland. 

Welp has directed the festival-trailer for the Love & Anarchy Helsinki Film festival that was shot in Mexico on land and underwater, the music video for the "Northern Lowland"-group on icy tramtrails in snowy Helsinki and other music videos in Helsinki and Berlin (new documentaries and shorts under progress). Welp is currently working from his Helsinki office in the former mental institute of Lapinlahti but works at times also in Berlin.

Languages: Finnish, English, German, Swedish and Spanish

Klaus Welp | +358(0)505880133 | |

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